Busingiro Eco-Tourism

Busingiro Eco-Tourism Site
Busingiro is part of the Budongo Forest Ecotourism Project, which was started in 1992 by the Uganda Forest Department and aims to conserve the forest by working closely with the forest edge communities. The project provides local employment; encourages sustainable income generation from the forest for local communities; and runs a Conservation Education Programme.


Busingiro, located in the north-west, 40km west of Masindi on the road to Butiaba and where the road to Lake Albert and the Rift Valley winds through the forest, is a mosaic of tropical high forest and grassland. A small lake attracts water birds and the Royal Mile, a forest road lined with spectacular trees, is an ideal site for forest bird watching. Close by is a historic Polish church and chimpanzee habituation begun in this area in 1993.

Getting there:
The site is located to the west of Masindi. It’s approximately 40 km. from Masindi town via Kinyara and Nyabyeya. Masindi itself is approximately 200 km. from Kampala on a good tarmac road. Busingiro is on the earth road that connects masindi with Paraa via Buliisa on the shores of Lake Albert.

The tourist site provides:
Primate watching:

The most important activity carried out in Busingiro Ecotourism site is Chimpanzee tracking. Other primates in this area include monkeys and baboons.

Bird watching:
Bird watching is carried out at Royal Mile located 14kms from the Busingiro Eco tourism site. The royal mile is a stretch of one mile with a collection of all the tree species in budongo forest reserve. King Kabalega, the former king of Bunyoro used to frequent this segment for relaxation with his queen. The segment derives its name from these royal visits.

Other activities include:

  • Guided forest walks.
  • Bird and butterfly watching.
  • Conservation education
  • Research
  • Butterfly identification
  • Picnicking

Accommodation at Busingiro contains mainly of camping facilities: However, the Jane Good all Institute is in the process of renovating and refurbishing the tourist bandas to house at least ten visitors.

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